Sustainability from which you benefit

As a second-generation, family-run, medium-sized company, we attach great importance to sustainability in all areas. Our sustainability initiative focuses on laboratory automation, the ongoing optimization of laboratory processes and the use of renewable energy. This enables a consistently high quality of analyses with simultaneously high sample throughput and a reduced ecological footprint. In this regard, our R&D department supports partner companies in the development and optimization of next-generation analytical methods.

Efficient process management and fast turnaround times enable us to offer express analyses in crisis situations without additional costs.

Our team - family-like and international

We currently employ people in an international working environment from 13 nations. Employee satisfaction and employee development programs in all areas are particularly important to us. A flat, dynamic hierarchy, interdisciplinary task fields and career opportunities enable our employees to develop in their specialist areas without rigid structures and to grow professionally and personally with the whole company.

Modern workplaces, company events and works outings lasting several days, such as 2022 and 2023, form the basis for our family-like working atmosphere. As a training company for laboratory chemists and students from various universities, we train qualified specialists of tomorrow in all areas of our institute.


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